301 vs 302 Redirect : The Secrete to Effective SEO 2018

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Properly redirecting your webpage is really vital job. Redirection should done properly to know google where to migrate.Redirecting customer to correct page very important as well.

When we want to move webpage permanently to new location then we can use 301 redirection codes. Google passes all the ‘link juice’ from one URL to another URL.

If the site is under maintenance then you can use 302 redirect certain pages to somewhere else and then remove redirect once maintenance task complete. In this case, Google may not pass page rank to a new page.

Why to use redirection

  • Redirecting your webpage from one place to another or somewhere else is necessary to prevent from seeing 404 page not found error.
  • If your visitors and search engines enter your old links then they can easily get your new content.
  • Avoid duplicate content penalties from search engines.
  • Improve your ranking in SEO.

Types of Redirection

There are two types of redirection that most of the user uses to redirect their web pages.

1] 301- Permanent redirection

2] 302- Temporarily redirection

 May be now you are worried about which one to use? Which one is better?

Here is the solution which helps you know why use 301 redirect  302 redirect seo.   301 redirect multiple domains seo

Note: In past there is loss of traffic when we redirecting http to https, but  currently According to the survey, Google pass all the page rank even if we use 301, 302 or 307 to htaccess  redirect HTTP TO HTTPs.

why 301 Redirect is important?

301 redirect a page to an exact copy of that page, and the only thing that changes is the URL, then in theory you may expect no traffic loss with these new guidelines.

It tells that old page is replaced by new page and also it will change the url of page when it shows in search engine result.

Webmaster use 302 only when they want to bring page back to their old page. 302 is temporarily redirection of webpage.

 When we should use 301 Redirection code?

  • To prevent from canonicalization problems.
  • For security purpose, Migrating form http to https.
  • Redirect Old Domain to New Domain.
  • Redirect traffic to specific URL as per your convenience.

302 moved temporarily redirect

Above image shows that 301 redirection redirect pages permanently unlike 302 redirection.

So, if you need permanet redirection then its better to use 301 code instead of 302.

Is there any  Importance of 301 redirect SEO? How?

As it name implies that permanent that means all the link juice of old page will be passed to the new page.

  • Prevent your Page Authority.
  • Avoid canonicalization problems.
  • To rebrand or rename a website with a different URL.
  • Moving to a new domain.

302 redirect seo penalty

Changes that you made to old pages that are also keep as permanent to new page.

Google add new page to the index and removed old page so that your new page authority ranking, will not affect. So, To improve google ranking use 301 redirect.

302 Moved Temporarily: Bring Webpage back to Original place

302 temproraliy redirect is used genrally when we want temproraly redirection of one url to another url. As it redirect to user and search engine to new url for short amount of time and bring back to old page after some time.

302 redirect tells the search engine that requested content are temporally offline and keep the page rank and authority and do not pass to new page.

why use 301 redirect seo

Is 302 redirect Important? Lets have look, when to use 302 redirects

  • To get the clients feedback regarding new page without impacting the site ranking.
  • Testing webpage for functionality and design.
  • htaccess 302 redirects moved temporary and used when we need to assess performance or feedback. They are not to be used as a permanent solution.

301 redirect seo link juice

do 302 redirects affect seo?

Following are some 302 redirect seo impact:

As temporarily move your page to new url due to which Page Authority and Traffic Value will still remain with redirected page.

The new page will not accumulate any of this quality. This may impact your SEO as the search engine will continue to rank your old web page which you already completely abandoned.

When Search engine tries to add the new index of your new page he found that there is already new similar page is present. And this may result into canonicalization problems.

Best Practices of Changing URLs for SEO purposes:

  • Removing multiple query parameters.
  • Improving directory/subfolder structure.
  • Including keywords in the URL.
  • Making URLs human-readable.

Before coming to the conclusion check over here so you can come to know how you can actually use 301 permanent redirect via htaccess.


Hope you got why use 301 redirect seo instead of 302 redirect, 302 can strip a content page of its value, and can result in the loss of your hard earned SEO juice.

So, it is always better to use 301 permanent redirection rule to improve your Page Authority and Traffic Value.

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