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Affiliated Comission Elaborated

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  • Earn upto 70% per Sale!

    Elite affiliates will receive higher commissions.

  • On Request Payment Policy

    DomainRacer affiliate payout ASAP on request.

  • Low Minimum Payout Threshold

    You can request payout once account reach $ 100.00 USD

  • Even More Earning with Bonus Program

    Opportunity to earn $2500+ Credit Bonus based on leads

  • 51+ Leads

  • 21-50 Leads

  • 11-20 Leads

  • 01-10 Leads


You will surely ask:

Why DomainRacer is so good?

In our web hosting affiliate program, a 3700+ affiliate marketers are joined and
start to promote on the search engine with the highest conversion rates.

Easy to Earn Money

Highest Conversion Rate with 13.11% (Apr 2024) & Lowest Customer Refund rate 0.24% (Apr 2024). Means seemless earning opportunities and slab based commission structure to suit your profession.

Guide to Kick Start

We will offer you marketing base to get more referral. Also we will send different promotional techniques and proven strategies to start with hosting Affiliate program.

Extra Earning [Bonuses]

Refer consequetive 2 month leads i.e. 20+ lead = $50 & 40+ leads = $70 Earn a $200+ Other Bonuses for referring 50 or more sales to DomainRacer highest paying web hosting affiliate company!

Slab Based Commissions

Simple Commission Structure !! Increase Leads based on Slab and get upto 70% most rewarding web hosting Affiliate commission right a way.
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The best web hosting affiliate programs in India is one of the best types of the affiliate marketing web hosting program. Top residual income web hosting affiliate is structured for earning commission or money by promoting one of hosting provider services on the internet.

DomainRacer web hosting recurring affiliate is the best highest paying affiliate program. Make more traffic and convert them into paying customers. So you can earn 70% commission per sale.

The easiest way to do best web hosting affiliate program India is that
  • 1. Create a page on your affiliate website and
  • 2. List out the key benefits of why to join our web hosting affiliate program residual income.

Great, another plus way to promote your domain and web hosting affiliate marketing program. You can share your affiliate web hosting links on social media sites such as (Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter), Email Marketing listings. Also post your affiliate links in a wide range of online forums, communities, which helps you to promote your business to earn more commission and make money with best hosting affiliate program 2019.

Make sure that, the customer converted with
  • 1. Unsolicited bulk e-mail traffic,
  • 2. Blind redirects or other hateful advertising like coupon,
  • 3. Blind redirects or other hateful advertising like coupon,

See our terms and conditions for more information.

DomainRacer affiliate marketing web hosting is one of the best highest paying web hosting residual income programs on the web at present. Best way to make more traffic and earn more money from your website or blog. So you can earn 70% commission per sale.

Once you join our best web hosting affiliate, then start promoting our services or products on the internet, using various acceptable techniques and make money using web hosting affiliate.

We shared below some valuable techniques with you to earn money with DomainRacer make money web hosting affiliate.

Once you join our best web hosting affiliate, then start promoting our services or products on the internet, using various acceptable techniques and make money using web hosting affiliate.

Blog Writing: One of the best ways to promote DomainRacer on a blog. By writing a worthy content article with a brief solution. Using Banner: Upload a banner on website & place link with the banner image, it will increase visibility. Social Media: Create posts, eye-catching images, and resource pages to promote them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Also, DomainRacer offers an extra income facility to earn a $200+ extra/other bonuses for referring 50 or more sales to DomainRacer ! Also, giving your payouts on request after your account reaches $100 USD.

The DomainRacer conversion ratio is 13.11%, which highest in the market. You can earn up to 70% affiliate program residual income as per the lead conversion. Also, gain bonuses for referring 50 or more sales.

DomainRacer wealthy affiliate web hosting commission structured into different formats as below:
  • 1-10 sales/month: Receive up to 30% commission
  • 11-20 deals/month: Receive up to 40% commission
  • 21-30 sales/month: Receive up to 50% commission
  • 51+ sales/month: Receive up to 70% commission

Now join our trusted affiliate web hosting marketing company and start your own online earning today. You can make more from every sell based on the number of sales order each month.

Yes, the DomainRacer is the best website hosting for highest paying affiliate program marketers in the web hosting industry.

Once you sign-up the DomainRacer domain hosting affiliate program.

  • 1. You will receive a tracking link, which you can share with Internet networks.
  • 2. And earn up to 70% commissions for every successful purchase,
  • 3. Receive your payouts on request after your account reaches $100 USD.

You will earn a $200+ and get other exceptional bonuses for referring 50 or more sales. DomainRacer is a wealthy affiliate web hosting service provider, who has great customer support comes with the highest recommendation


The DomainRacer cheap web hosting affiliate program is a process whereby one website is used to make online traffic to other websites. The motto is only to earn more income from web hosting companies affiliate program.

The following takes a look at the benefits of becoming a best affiliate web hosting marketer:-
  • Earn up to 70% commission per sale.
  • Affiliate marketing is performance-based.
  • Affiliate of web hosting can boost your reputation.
  • Affiliates has highest Conversion Rate (13.11%).
  • Simple Commission Structure (70%).
  • Rapidly scale your traffic and sales.
  • Meager/Lowest customer refund rate of 0.24%.
  • Cost-effective customer acquisition.
Terms & Conditons:
  1. Accounts with fraudulent, abusive or illegal activities will not be considered as referrals and will not be paid.
  2. Accounts have to remain active and be in good standing for at least 60 days to be paid.
  3. Affiliate program's commission payout terms is 60 days after sales occurred in.
  4. Referral which request refund for any reason will not be paid.
  5. Currently Affiliate Commision only available with DomainRacer Shared Hosting Plans.
  6. No unsolicited bulk e-mail traffic, no blind redirects, or other malicious advertising like coupon, discount code will not accepted.
  7. Affiliates may not represent themselves as DomainRacer on any search engine or advertising platform.
  8. There is a $100 minimum before you can cash out.
  9. Affiliates need an active & verified PayPal account. If payment revert back then affiliate will need to pay penalty due $5.
  10. Affiliate accounts which are in violation of any rule or are abusing the affiliate program in any way, will be terminated with no prior notice.
  11. We reserve the right to cancel or modify this affiliate program at any time and for any reason.