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Onestop solution for the e-learning online video course process. The leading SaaS solutions for enrolling students, creating reports, attachments, certification generation, participation, installation and many more.

  • Premium Video Platform (free worth $49)
  • Live virtual classes with Zoom integration.
  • Create and Sell Online Courses (monetize)
  • Construct Online Quiz, Games and Participation, etc.
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Onestop LMS Solution

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Learning Management System is one of the best platforms for online learning perspective. It is the best field for teaching and learning.

With the DomainRacer’s self hosted LMS online course – you can add intruders, enroll students, create assignments, you can do installations, setup, configuration, you can create free/paid courses, you can create free/private video software like zoom or udemy etc.

By using the LMS website, the instructor will deliver all the things regarding the online video courses. And the learner will access the online video course by enrolling in that.

Private Video Solution



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Top E-Learning Solution:

LMS Pro Available

Create Learning management system with LMS PRO software. Available 9+ features like zoom, quiz, courses, live classes and many more.

Join now for one stop solution and save 100s hours on research and find combine solution to meet your need.



LMS Hosting Video Resources


Build webinar/tutorial series for potential students. Also, allow to try before they do buy…

Quiz !!

Now surprise test can be easy. Few click and Exam ready with auto report generator.


The solution to improve skill beyond videos and observe understanding via Assignments


Completion certificate of course, so the student can use collect for interview/future.

Zoom Meeting

Now time to go live with Zoom. Create a competitive advantage and conduct live classes with Zoom Integration.

Say goodbye to traditional teaching, and Welcome Zoom live classes.

Sell Membership

Monetize pre-recorded courses and start passive income sources. its digital era and we should focus on new.

So record course, host, and start monetization. Save time and learn more…

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Hosting + LMS Software + Private Video Platform

LMS solution to get started with your own course, training or educational platform. Tutor profit-making machine. Now the future is of live training, courses and webinars to generate revenue.

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Single Website

Unlimited Storage
LMS License (Included)
Free SSL + Litespeed
Private Video Solution




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Multisite Host

Upto 5 Website

Unlimited Storage
LMS License (Included 1)
Free SSL + Litespeed
Private Video Solution




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