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  • Virtual Private Servers are built from the ground using all SSD storage.

  • Enjoy increased power, flexibility, and get full control for your Business.

  • Best VPS Hosting environment imitates a dedicated server within a web hosting environment.




A Blazing Fast VPS Hosting Solution

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VPS-L2 Plan

$ 8.22/mo

$10.28   Lifetime 20% OFF

VPS L2 Plan

Best Start for Your Small Business Success Online!

  • 1 CPU Core

  • 2048 MB RAM

  • 20GB SSD Storage

  • 2TB Bandwidth

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VPS-L4 Plan

$ 12.39/mo

$16.52   Lifetime 25% OFF

VPS L2 Plan

For Scalable Developer or Frelancer stage Business

  • 2 CPU Core

  • 4096 MB RAM

  • 40GB SSD Storage

  • 4TB Bandwidth

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VPS-L8 Plan

$ 22.39/mo

$31.99  Lifetime 30% OFF

VPS L2 Plan

Scalable Infrastructure & Enterprise Business Level Performance.

  • 3 CPU Core

  • 8192 MB RAM

  • 80GB SSD Storage

  • 8TB Bandwidth

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Enterprise solution

Speedup Business

"VPS hosting service with complete root access. Giving you the fastest connectivity, SSD Storage, DDR4-RAM, security, reliability with low latency infrastructure, OS installation and server reboot."

Amazing Features

Fast-moving cheap linux vps software and hardware. Deal with high-level security and most high-speed connectivity.

Resources on demand

Upgrade your cheap KVM VPS hosting plans on demand. Anytime. No restart or OS re-installation required.

Cloud-based infrastructure

Solid 40 Gbps network capacity and enterprise-class, branded HP ProLiant hardware.

No long-term contracts

Flexible monthly contracts and cancellation Process, No long-term contracts.

Secure & high Performance

We handle all network and hardware maintenance, security, and data backups.

Powerful Demand

Servers are powered by multi-core (20 cores / 40 threads) Intel Xeon E5-2640 v4 processors.

Assistance on demand

Web hosting can be tough, especially at the beginning. dedicated 4 Gbps network connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Virtual private server hosting (In shortly VPS hosting) is a virtualized server. The concept of a virtual private server hosting or best VPS Hosting environment imitates a dedicated server within a web hosting environment.

It is based on virtualization technology that installed on a physical computer. Each high-speed fastest vps hosting is running with multiple operating systems (OS), which offers a large amount of security and best performance.

The low-cost/cheap VPS hosting India comes with dedicated resources & full root (superuser) access to your server. It can install any software, application without restriction in the operating system level.

A fast vps servers lasts for a virtual private server. A ssd vps hosting india (France DC)is capable of running anything. It is a comprehensive hosting platform and useful for many other things.

With linux VPS hosting plans and services, you can host multiple websites, forums, databases and blogs individually on less than one secured VPS server.

We value the best vps service control panel infrastructure with high-speed hosting VPS, as they make it easier to manage websites from a web-based interface and convenient to host all these aspects through a simple, user-friendly interface.

DomainRacer cheap vps hosting provider also offering cheap dedicated server to host your vps hosting services on their faster, low-cost and secured server platform

VPS hosting website is the intersection of shared hosting and dedicated servers. VPS hosting india cheap (France DC) not more difficult or complicated like using shared hosting. But if you are using high ram VPS hosting plans, then some prior server experience in hosting will be an asset.

Cloud VPS hosting plans is an isolated environment with dedicated resources; let's get control of your VPS server space. To operate an SSD VPS hosting India (France DC), you need some prior knowledge of server administration. You will need this to administrate the operating system, where you can install any applications.

If you want a faster and high-speed VPS server's technical skill to manage it, then our DomainRacer cheap vps security team is always in touch with you.

Virtual Private Server is a virtualized server that simulates a dedicated server within a web hosting platform. Managed VPS hosting it's an excellent option for small or medium scale businesses. Best vps hosting increases performance, security and flexibility that are necessary for all businesses.

The most important benefits of Using a best and cheap vps service:-
  • Improved Reliability:-The most important advantage of a low cost and budget vps hosting india (France DC) is that it improves the reliability of your website.
  • Full Root Access:-For greater kvm vps performance, the buy ssd vps hosting india gives full root access to your hosting account.
  • Comprehensive Support:-Our best and smart VPS hosting comes with 24/7 technical expert crew support that will always be on hand to deal with the issue.
  • Excellent Security:-The security is important part. The VPS hosting services for your website is that it ensures high-security levels.
  • Cost-efficient VPS:-A VPS hosting (France DC) india, usa, uk, australia, canada and south africa package solution is less expensive and affordable for websites that make their presence felt in internet words.

With DomainRacer best VPS Hosting package, you will get complete control of your server with full root access. You can control administrator access over your hosting environment like how your server resources are extended.

You can install any software without any restrictions that are compatible with your vps hosting india cheap. You can run a various operating system with just one simple click.

Additionally, our cheap vps provider's expert support management team that will always be obtainable for you to resolve your difficulties.

VPS Server Location: DomainRacer VPS servers are located in Europe, Lithuania, Vilnius. We do have 500GBPS strong network to connect service to the world and better service experience in all the prospectives like speed, hardware as well as better pricing.

VPS Refund Policy:

We really sorry but DomainRacer VPS Hosting don't have Refund Policy. Our server are fully unmanaged, so please don't expect any application level or customization level technical support.

Once VPS delivered, order will be final. No refund or moneyback available with VPS server. We can support in 1] IP add, 2] OS install 3] Network cable 4] VPS upgrade 5] reboot and restart, Apart from this you can consider zero technical support.

We understand your concern but at this cost we can offer you server hardware and network. About managed VPS service you can contact our support or billing team to get quotation.