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After Google and Facebook only stand is Litespeed, and this only because HTTP/3 protocol as compare to HTTP/2. We already in race and service over 37k+ HTTP/3 website with SSD space. LiteSpeed Reseller Hosting & WordPress Website allows you to get blazing 20x faster performance. Surely, you will experience better speed and performance.

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Each Shared hosting and LiteSpeed Reseller Hosting are fine-tuned and blazing fast with LiteSpeed server! DomainRacer Choose the high LiteSpeed SSD hosting package tailored for your needs.

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LiteSpeed Web Hosting

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Some ways with DomainRacer make your website speed ultra-lighting.

Website Page load Website Page load is crucial nowadays. As well as the SEO factor, clients demand faster speed and best performance. DomainRacer SSD LiteSpeed servers deliver best quality service for cheapest SSD shared & Reseller hosting. Now Blazing fast speed available at shared hosting with litespeed cache technology and free SSL Certificate.

Also reducing the usage of resources like RAM, I/O, IOPS and CPU with LiteSpeed Web Server will save server cost. Our LiteSpeed Reseller hosting, allow you to get clients leads very easily and also support LiteSpeed WordPress plugin for free. LiteSpeed Cloud hosting is the best fusion with the cheap SSD storage for all shared & Resellers. DomainRacer LiteSpeed web server is a drop-in replacement for Apache web server and offers extraordinary Loadspeeds than with Apache. LiteSpeed web server not only increases website speed also speedup cPanel and WHM access.

When you want LiteSpeed Hosting, choose DomainRacer Hosting! Our all package features pre-installed and pre-configured with LiteSpeed server hosting, so you get the best performance. Our LiteSpeed Hosting server features up to 20X faster page loads compared to traditional hosting solutions at the cheapest cost. We are offering various server geographical areas like India, USA, UK, Europe and many more.

Every time LiteSpeed beats out the competition in performance.

With no keep-alive connections, LiteSpeed was:

With keep-alive connections, LiteSpeed web server was:

Apache revolutionized the Internet in 1995. Now it's time for wake up to make the next jump on LiteSpeed Servers. We offer server in UK, USA, India, Europe, Germany, and seven more countries...